Barcelona: The Two Festivals Not To Miss This Summer

The image of Barcelona wouldn’t be complete without its festivals. While some locals decide to leave the city and go on holiday, others stay to celebrate the hot summer days, decorating the streets and eating and drinking outside. If you are in Barcelona in August, don’t miss Festes de Gràcia and Festes de Sants.

Gracia Festival Japan themed

The 2017 Festes de Gràcia will take place between the 15th and the 21st of August. This year will be a special edition because it is the 200th anniversary of the event. This festival is considered the best, the nicest, and the most festive and welcoming street festival of Barcelona. It takes place in the Gràcia neighborhood which is 20 minutes away on foot from the city center.

Around 20 streets and squares are decorated in different themes (in previous editions some streets were decorated with Toy Story, The Walking Dead and Star Wars themes). At the end of the festivities, judges decide which street or square is decorated the best.

Correfocs (A Catalan culture tradition)

The festival is not only about decoration. During these days, you can enjoy some of the Catalan cultural traditions like Sardanes (a group dance), Castells (human castles), and Correfocs (some people dressed as demons throw fireworks and firecrackers). During the night most of the streets host concerts of all kinds of music until the early morning.

The best time to visit is in the evening from 8pm when it starts to get dark. The lights on most streets are switched on at around 8:30pm and the decorations look nicer when they are illuminated. The first two days of Festes de Gràcia are always very crowded, so have patience and be careful with the street decorations which are handmade and often fragile.

Europea’s Terrace Charming Residence is in the middle of Gràcia district.


Festes de Sants, held between the 19th and the 27th of August, is a small version of Festes de Gràcia. The festival is celebrated in Sants district which is located 15 minutes away from the center by metro.

Children’s activities at the Festes de Sants

As Gracia’s Festival, some streets and squares are decorated in different themes and the residents organize activities that go from the morning to the late in the night. During the day, the streets are filled with workshops and activities for the little ones, while at night music takes over every corner and people dance until they are exhausted.


The best time to visit is in the evening, but be prepared for the crowds. Although it is not as famous as the Festes de Gràcia, the fun is also assured.

Europea’s Botadura Residence is just a few minutes walking from Sants district.

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