Brussels: 5 Places To Have Dinner Near The Grand Place

When it comes to diverse cuisine, Brussels has a very wide range of restaurants. The only problem is knowing where to go! As a tourist, it becomes very easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the restaurants on Rue des Bouchers will be great (Stay away!). As Belgian locals, we become creatures of routine and end up going to the same place every Friday night and eating exactly the same food for years.

So here’s to changing habits and giving adventure a shot! Here’s to being a good local and telling tourists where to eat! (*Raises a Tripel Karmeliet bier glass*).

Fin de Siècle (Rue des Chartreux 9)

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Meat, potatoes and beer. You really can’t get any more Belgian than that. This authentic little restaurant has a very rustic atmosphere. Your chair will mismatch the one the person you’re with is sitting in, the place is loud and you’ll wonder if this was a good choice. You’ll question the art selection that changes every couple of months and seems to get stranger and stranger, until you taste anything that comes out of that kitchen.  This is where you’ll try real Stoemp (mashed potatoes and veggies with sausage in creamy beer sauce) and sumptuous carbonnade flamande (Beef stew also served in dark beer sauce). My personal recommendation: Agneau en papillotte (veal stew with potatoes and vegetables).

Bia Mara (Rue du Marché aux Poulets 41)

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This small low-key restaurant is the perfect place for a last minute late night snack. They have a variety of fish types to pick from as well as a range of sauces. Try the classic panko fish with seaweed salted chips and homemade garlic truffle sauce, it’s to die for!

It might not be comparable to authentic British fish and chips but it’s worth a try!

Kokob (Rue des Grands Carmes 10)

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Ever found yourself in the situation where you wanted to try new food but didn’t feel adventurous enough to actually go for it?

Kokob is a great restaurant with delicious Ethiopian food. You will experience the culture by eating with your hands and sharing food with your friends and/or family by eating from the same plate! Don’t worry, if this doesn’t make you feel comfortable, the kind staff will be more than happy to give cutlery and a plate.

Ricotta et Parmesan (Rue de L’Ecuyer 31)

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This Italian restaurant serves such good Italian food. With a wide range of dishes, oven baked pizza and endless combinations of pastas and sauces, this place will suit every person’s taste. The staff is dedicated to maintaining the classic standards of Italian cuisine. My personal recommendation: the combination panzerotti pasta stuffed with cèpes mushrooms and covered with truffle sauce. Mmmm!

Amadeo (Rue Sainte-Catherine 28)

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Five words: All You Can Eat Ribs. Bring your full appetite to this place! The portions are quite big and the servers will keep bringing you ribs until you beg them to stop. For those who aren’t fond of ribs, the restaurant also offers other meat or fish dishes.


Bon appétit!

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